Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#3) - Red Orb Farming With Lady (DMC4)

I'm a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series (all of them, really. Read my review of DmC HERE), so I've picked up a thing or two during my 200+ hours of gameplay. The following trick from Devil May Cry 4 is one I make use of quite a bit. 

**Red Orb Farming With Lady**
Devil May Cry 4

So, first off, if you want to use Lady for this, you have to have the Special Edition. However, this trick can be done with Nero in the standard edition.

This is one of those tricks I heard about on a forum. I think it was GameFAQS or something like that. Not sure. But that gamer suggested starting Mission 7, smashing the orb rock, smashing the few plant things for their orbs and then restarting the mission. These things are all at the beginning of the mission, so it's super easy if all you're after is red orbs, and you don't run into any enemies.

The first few times I did this, I realized the first couple sets of baddies aren't hard to beat. At all. So I smashed the first set into the ground, then moved on. The building you enter has a buttload of plants filled with orbs, so I figure I might as well kill the baddies in there and get those orbs too. Then I restarted the mission and was thrilled when I got a few proud souls for my baddie killing trouble. That was nice.

I admit, a few times I just moved on and beat the mission. It's not a hard mission, though it has a couple of aggravating moments on Son of Sparda+ difficulty.

So, to sum up:
You could do the little bit the original gamer suggested, the [slightly more] little bit that I demonstrated in the video above, or go the distance and beat the mission over and over. It is one of the best for red orbs, that's for sure.

Got any tips for your fellow Devil May Cry 4 players? Share your favorites in the comments section below! ♥

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