Friday, July 1, 2016

On the Horizon (#7)

*Final Fantasy VII Monopoly*

Yeah, you read that right. They're making a Monoploy game that's FFVII themed. I wants it. My precioussssss.

It's your typical Monopoly game, of course, but instead of taking over New York, or Earth, or whatever it is in regular Monopoly, you're taking over Midgar. Makes sense, right? Lots of jokes about Aerith abound, of course, in the various announcements about this game. I'm not announcing its pending existence so much as just screaming from the rooftops that I want this SO. DAMN. MUCH. 

Read more about it and preorder HERE. It's due to ship April 14, 2017, so it's gonna be a while yet.

Until next time...

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