Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gaming Misadventures (#1)

Yet another themed set of blog posts, this time random ones not attached to a specific day. Why not share funny, weird, or frustrating moments in gaming? Again, these moments will probably mostly be my own, but I may share the adventures of others from time to time. Who knows? 

***Gaming Misadventures (#1)***
In which the HGG loses her ability to shoot things...

Did I mention that I broke my 360 controller about a week ago? During an arena battle in Borderlands (PC edition)? No? Well, I did. Broke my controller, that is.

Not another one! Why are controllers so fragile?

The controller was just a cheap knock-off, but I'd been using it for almost exactly a year—believe it or not, that was a LOT longer than I expected based on the reviews. But heck, I got the thing for only $14, brand new. I assumed it'd break in a month or two. I was so sure of that, in fact, that I actually bought two. They're both junk now. lol

Anyway, I'm in an arena in Borderlands, shooting the crap outta every baddie the game's throwing at me, and all of a sudden, my gun won't shoot anymore. At all. None of 'em. All four weapons do nothing. Yeah, trigger's totally dead on the controller, as in, tiny plastic piece snapped inside. I freaked, being in the "badass" round (aka the end of the last round) and unwilling to die and have to start the whole damn thing over. 

Now, this wasn't the big-ass DLC arena run by Moxxi, just one of the little ones that you can take on as a side mission in the main game's playthrough, so honestly, not really a big deal. Plus I was way overleveled, so not even all that challenging. But still! To be at the end with no guns? AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

What the frell?! NO!!!!

So I'm chucking transfusion grenades and throwing Bloodwing at the baddies, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, just trying desperately not to die. Of course, I only have 8 grenades and those run out pretty damn quick. So then I have to venture out and grab loot dropped by the baddies when Bloodwing slashes 'em, hoping there're grenades lying unattended somewhere. Doesn't really matter how overleveled you are when all you have is a bird and grenades. 

Finally, I break down, too desperate to care anymore. I pause the game, and turn around to look at the boy (my 9yo son) who's playing LEGO Something-Or-Other on the 360/TV behind me. "Baby, can I borrow your controller so I can finish this stupid arena?"

I'm such a loser. I have to beg the kid for his controller.
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