Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Loot! (#31)

I just love buying new games. I want to try them all out immediately, but that's kinda silly when you think about it. I mean, I need to finish a few of the others I've started before starting a new one, right? Right?? 

***New Loot! (#31)***

Steam's summer sale is happening right now,* and there are tons of games I want. I had to limit myself to just a few this time, though, since money's a little tight. But this is gaming and seriously, if I don't spend my money on games, I'll buy something really silly. Like food. Or clothes. 

So here is today's haul, with a nifty little clipping from my invoice to show you the games I settled on. Settled, pffft!
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Square Enix; Rated T - I already have this for PS1, but I love gaming on my PC, so figured I'd try out this port.
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Square Enix; Rated T - I already have this for 360, but I wanted it for PC too, 'cause... REASONS! 
  • Tales of Symphonia - Bandai Namco; Rated T - I adored Tales of Vesperia (check out my review HERE)! I decided I want to try all the Tales of games eventually. Most of them are PlayStation exclusives, specifically PS3, and some are for the handheld gaming devices. Symphonia was originally on Nintendo CameCube, was then ported to PS3, which was then ported to PC. Quite a journey this little game has had. 
*The summer sale ends July 4, just FYI. ♥
    Until next time...

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