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—Game Review— DmC Devil May Cry

I've played through this game several times on the 360 and now I've treated myself to the PC edition, because...well, why not? ☺ Having the PC version means screencaps and new impressions, though the gameplay itself isn't any different from the console version. (Yes, I PC game using a 360 controller.) I've also bought myself the Definitive Edition for PS4, 'cause....again, why not? Might as well own them all. LOL

***DmC: Devil May Cry***
Standard/Definitive Editions

Published by Capcom | Developed by Ninja Theory
Released 2013 | Action
For all platforms | Review: Xbox 360, PC, PS4
*Rated M for Mature 17+*
Blood and gore | Drug reference
Intense violence | Nudity
Sexual content | Strong language

HGG rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 8/10

That's an order!
You are Dante, a reluctantly recruited demon hunter with a huge chip on his shoulder. You are recruited to help take down Mundus, a demon who is making life difficult for humans. Oh, and he wants you really, really dead.

First impressions? 
The rating on the box did NOT exaggerate. Holy frell, I've never played a game before with so many f-bombs and [grossly] graphic insults! I can ignore a lot of it, but I do tend to avoid games like this. Or at least turn off the gore and/or language. Yeah, I'm one of those gamers.

That said, I love the style of gameplay. Not exactly sure why, but it didn't take me long to fall in love.

Graphics and voices?
I knew the graphics would be great long before I started playing, as Ninja Theory excels in this particular area. I had already played Enslaved several times, after all.

Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. PC—
First thing I did in the PC version was turn the graphics settings up as high as they'd go. The cutscenes improved markedly. Quite a difference.

Comparison: Xbox 360/PC vs. Definitive Edition on PS4—
Graphics-wise, the only one that stands out as different is the 360 version. It's just not as crisp or clear as the PC or the DefEd.

I think the voices are well done. Seem to fit the characters anyway. This vid is just a portion of one cutscene in Mission 2 (PC edition, complete with skin mods). It's a couple minutes long, the three main characters each talk, and it gives a little bit of the story in DmC. Nothing that screams spoiler or anything, though.

By the way, I did most of the skin mods shown in this vid (if you've played the vanilla version, you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise never mind, lol), but the facial mod was done by Jareda of I've linked the mod and the site below every image that also shows the facial mod.

Easier than I expected, but it took some getting used to after the button combos and whatnot in Devil May Cry 4. I kept hitting RB, forward, and Y to dash ahead and attack (as I'd gotten used to doing in DMC4 to knock back converging baddies) and Dante'd roll away instead. Saved me getting skewered, but didn't damage the baddies, unfortunately. It's humorous when I think about it.

Being "stylish" raises the mission score.
Dante facial mod by Jareda from DmC Mods.
All other skin mods by LowliGigger (The Heartless Gamer Girl).

I think they're stingy with the red orbs (and definitely with the purple, devil-trigger filling ones), but it does mean I'll play more than once and many levels over and over. [snort] However, I love that you can select secret missions from the main menu and do them over and over too.

Standard vs. Definitive Edition:
The gameplay in the DefEd is similar enough to get used to fairly quickly. I had more trouble adapting to the PS4 controller after using nothing but 360 controllers for so long. The only thing that really messed with me was Demon Evade. For standard it's RB then RT. For DefEd it's LB then RT (and the equivalent for PlayStation). It's easier to perform a Demon Evade in the DefEd, at least it is for me, since I find having to use the RB/RT at the same time awkward.

The vid above is me playing the standard PC edition.

Vergil agrees with The HGG. There are not enough orbs.
And Dante's all tatted up. :D
Dante facial mod by Jareda from DmC Mods.
All other skin mods by LowliGigger (The Heartless Gamer Girl).

It's pretty much the same story as the first Devil May Cry game—all of them, really—and it's...interesting. I think this game provides more back story than the other games, but it seems more focused on the hack 'n' slash than the telling of a stellar tale.*

The Definitive Edition includes a few extra/extended scenes that add just a touch more depth to the story/characters. Not much, but a touch.

I do have to mention, during one mission, you have to take out a succubus who is secreting ick into pop cans, creating an uber addictive soft drink that turns the human mind into mush. Slurm, anyone?

(Props to the lovely YouTuber who posted this vid. The copyright belongs to FOX or whoever. Not even really sure who owns Futurama. lol)

Stingy with the orbs, generous with the swears.

I really, really hate how they keep calling Dante and Vergil Nephilim. According to this game's storyline (demon father, angel mother) THEY ARE NOT. Seriously. Nephilim is the child of a fallen angel (aka demon) and a human, not an angel and a demon, which are basically the same creature. In the original Devil May Cry games, Dante and Vergil are the children of a human mother and demon father, which does indeed make the sons nephilim. In this particular story, they are not part human, thus not nephilim. Yet, somehow these guys are part human, despite having no human in them. Whatever.

OK. Sorry about that. Rant over. Obviously, this is something I can ignore. 600+ hours of gameplay seems to support that.

No. Just NO.

There's also a goof I happened to notice. At one point, Dante meets a blind demon (Phineas) and agrees to find the guy's missing mechanical eye. Dante sits off to the side and signals to Phineas that he's ready to proceed. He signals with a head nod. To a blind man. The blind man nods back. Um...wait. What?

Dante and Phineas
Dante facial mod by Jareda from DmC Mods.
All other skin mods by LowliGigger (The Heartless Gamer Girl).

Last complaint, and I'm sure anyone who's read reviews for this has heard this complaint before. I found the demon sex scene to be completely unnecessary. Gross, yes. In keeping with the characters? Yes. Necessary? No. But then, I'm one of those gamers that likes to turn on the prude filter, if it's available. I'm glad a simple click of the back button will skip any cutscene in the game. YAY for that! So there you have it.

While I've enjoyed the game, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I make it a habit to not recommend M-rated games, especially when they more than deserve the rating. Considering I've played through several difficulty levels, however, it's clear I can ignore these objectionable things. It's not a perfect game, but I've played it for over 600 hours, so I have to admit it's one of my favorites.

Dante and Kat with some skin mods.
Dante facial mod by Jareda from DmC Mods.
All other skin mods by LowliGigger (The Heartless Gamer Girl).

Of the various versions I've played, I think the PC edition is my favorite. I don't care for the hardcore or stylish modes, two of the major additions to the Definitive Edition. PC and 360 are the same essentially, but I can mod the PC edition. So yeah, bottom line, I like the PC edition best. I hope the DefEd is released for PC, but I don't hold out much hope for that.

My rating?
I give it a solid ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 8/10 life hearts. It's in my top 12 games and one I play over and over on several platforms. I also enjoy modding the skins of the characters, especially Dante, in the PC version. When this game is judged based on its own merits, rather than compared to the previous Devil May Cry games, it's a solid, enjoyable, challenging, replayable game.

*Specifically, the storyline is more closely related to Devil May Cry 3 than the rest of the DMC games, but Ninja Theory did take a few...or more liberties with the story.

Where to buy?
**All screenshots were taken by me, but the copyrights belong to Capcom/Ninja Theory, of course. Box art is also ©Capcom/Ninja Theory. Capcom and Ninja Theory do not in any way endorse this fan/reviews/gaming blog.

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