Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#1) - Red Orb Farming with Dante (DmC)

On Tuesdays—not all Tuesdays, but some Tuesdays—I will now be sharing various gaming tips and tricks I've discovered over the years. These will mostly be my own discoveries, and probably won't be anything great or anything someone else hasn't already discovered, but they helped me and theoretically should help others. When I share other people's tricks that I've used myself, I will endeavor to give credit where credit is due. I will include screenshots and/or videos when I can, because a picture really is worth a thousand words in gaming.

For my very first tip, here's one that I discovered during my first playthrough of the Xbox 360 edition of DmC Devil May Cry (aka DMC5).

Please note: This is an M-rated game, though there isn't anything M-rated in this vid. No language, and only inanimate objects are destroyed. ▼

*Red Orb Farming with Dante*
DmC Devil May Cry

The devs are a bit stingy with the red orbs, in my opinion, so I was pretty tickled when I realized this one secret mission (Hasty Acquisition) where you can more or less get unlimited red orbs. In the video above, I illustrate how. (This vid was taken by me using the PS4 and the Definitive Edition of the game.)

The process can be repeated over and over. I usually get bored pretty quickly, but it was still really helpful when saving up to buy health/devil trigger upgrades.

Now, it's true that you can just do the mission over and over, start to finish, restart from the menu, and all that rot. I'm lazy and impatient, though, so I like to lose purposely, collect them all, click the back button, lose again, collect them all again, and so on. Saves a little time that way.

You can do this in any edition you want. However, if you play PC and don't object to mods, I recommend the Give Me More Orbs mod from DmC Mods.

*DmC is © Capcom/Ninja Theory; these companies in no way endorse this gaming/fan/reviews blog.

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