Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another GoG Sale: Earn FREE Games!

GoG's big summer sale is happening now!

***GoG Sale***

GoG's summer sale is on and you can earn free games! Just collect XP, which can be earned by doing little tasks assigned right on the site, or by buying games.

Yeah, so buying games doesn't really equal free, but some games are as little as $1.49 (Witcher Enhanced Edition, Witcher Adventure Game, and others), which will earn you 1500 XP each. Then just do the little things around the site they set up for you and you'll have earned the 5000 XP required to get Spelunky for free. Looks like a cute little platformer.

Of course, all of the Witcher games are on sale. Witcher III Wild Hunt is 50% off, making it only $24.99. All the expansions are on sale too. If retro Tomb Raider is your thing, you can grab all the old games for only $7.47. There are also Star Trek games and Dungeons & Dragons games. A little something for everyone.

The sale ends June 22, so you have only a few days to decide. Happy gaming! ♥

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