Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#5) - Killing Grug & Ork (Borderlands 2)

*How to Kill Grug & Ork*
Borderlands 2
Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Here is yet another spot in Borderlands 2 (this time in the Tiny Tina DLC) where you can hang out and kill something stronger than you without getting hit by them: aka a Glitch Rock. ▼

In this vid, I'm already in the spot. It took me a minute to realize they couldn't see me. Then I hit the record button.

You can see in the mini map where I am. At one point (about 40 secs in), I move a bit 'cause they moved out of my line of sight. It gives you a little better idea of where I was for this.

This isn't a true Glitch Rock. In this, I am out of their range, but they are in mine. Big difference. With a true Glitch Rock, you can hit them, they can't hit you, but they can see you and they do try to hit you. Their attacks just fail to damage you—well, most of their attacks fail.

I go through a lot of ammo for this, but they are in my way, so they have to die. Every time I've played this DLC, these two mini bosses are a good 3-5 levels above mine, so it's pretty much a 'die over and over' situation unless you can figure out a way to nail them without getting hit. This was the only way I've managed it without dying a lot.

I mentioned before that hubby and my brother heard about a Glitch Rock in the Terramorphous battle. I don't remember where they heard it, but I've since focused my Borderlands gaming on finding similar spots for all the bosses I come up against. This is just one of many, at this point.

I hope you found this trick helpful. If you have any tricks you'd like to share, please comment below. ♥ 

This trick was done in the PC edition from Steam. It will work in all editions, including the Handsome Collection (yeah, I've done it in all of them).

    Until next time...

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