Saturday, July 9, 2016

Screenshot Saturday (#20) - FF Type-0 HD

Not everyone seems to love Final Fantasy Type-0 the way I do. I find that interesting. I've spent a lot of time with this game on my PS4 and I intend to buy the Steam (PC) edition too.

That said, here are a few screenshots from the PS4 edition for your enjoyment. ♥

***Final Fantasy Type-0 HD***

First trophy
Machina just before he officially joins Class Zero
Narrator #1: Machina Kunagiri; a new addition to Class Zero
Narrator #2: Rem Tokimiya; another new addition to Class Zero
Class Zero's new Commanding Officer, Kurasame
Rem and Machina: They're old friends from the same hometown.

*All things Final Fantasy are © Square Enix who does not in any way endorse this fan/review/gamer blog.
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