Thursday, September 8, 2016

On the Horizon (#18) - Post #3 Update (FFXV)

In which I report things about upcoming game releases, and game-related products, and how they're not coming out as quickly as first reported...

***Final Fantasy XV***

Image links to Amazon, where I happened to nab it.

I originally posted about Final Fantasy XV way back when it, as well as my "On the Horizon" series, was still in its early-ish stages. So much has happened since then: two demos, an anime series based on the characters, and a prequel movie. You can see the movie trailer below. ▼

At the time of my review of Episode Duscae (one of the demos) the release date had been revealed as September 30, 2016. 

We were all waiting on the edge of our seats for this game. September couldn't come fast enough, but then, last month, the devs revealed that there would be another two months added to the original release date.

Groans of disappointment could be heard worldwide. They comfort us with the claim that they just want to make sure the game is the very best it can be before they release it upon the world. Perhaps that's true. But the hype has gotten so intense that this game better be nothing short of a 10-heart experience.

I'm not worried. The Episode Duscae demo was 9 hearts for me. And the full game promises to be so much more involved.

In other FFXV news, the official rating is T for Teen, as I had originally expected.

While we wait, let us content ourselves with gameplay footage of drifting chocobos, official game trailers, and cool videos like this one, in which we meet the English voice cast. ▼

Click over to YouTube to give the video a like, if you are so inclined.

*All things Final Fantasy are © Square Enix, who does not in any way endorse this gaming / fan / reviews blog.

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