Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday (#1) - Let's Get Retro!

The newest blog series in which I expound upon the virtues of retro gaming...

***Let's Get Retro!***
Throwback Thursday

Where, oh where do I start with this one? How about a simple post introducing the new blog series? Yeah, that's what this first post will be. Welcome!

Let's start this off right, shall we? I started gaming on an NES. Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior... ah, memories. 

My oldest brother had an Atari once upon a time. I think he actually got it after Mom bought the NES. A friend of mine had an Atari too. That meant hours of Ms Pac-Man, Asteroids, Frogger, and some other games I'd only played in the arcade before.

So let's talk favorites.

Dragon Warrior.
I spent so many hours playing this game. It was one my brother got "free" with some gaming magazine subscription. I think I played it more than anyone else in the family. I got to the point that I didn't need torches in the caves 'cause I had the paths memorized. The map that came with the game helped. So much fun!

The Legend of Zelda.
We didn't have this game. Not sure why. Could be that Mom just couldn't afford it. Do you remember how much NES games cost when they first came out? My oldest brother remembers them being around $50. I know. It was insane. But back to Legend of Zelda... Yeah, we didn't have it, but my cousins did. I played it at their house whenever I got the chance. It wasn't very often, and I never beat the game, but I remember having a lot of fun with it anyway.

So what are your favorite games from way back when? What system was your first? Tell us in the comments section below! ♥ 

*The retro controller graphic at the top was drawn by my younger brother. You can check out some of his designs on Zazzle

Until next time...

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