Saturday, September 17, 2016

Screenshot Saturday (#30) - DmC Skin Mods

DmC is one of my favorite games. I get a kick out of this decidedly different take on the Devil May Cry story / franchise. My favorite part of the PC edition is the modding. And I learned how to do my own skin mods. (This doesn't modify the gameplay at all.) Here are a few screens from my various PC playthroughs, featuring a few of my favorite skins I've done. Enjoy! ♥

***DmC Devil May Cry***

Dark Son skin mod for the Son of Sparda skin
(SoS skin is unlocked after beating the game on Son of Sparda difficulty.)
Bloody Blades skin mod for Samurai weapons skin
(includes Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, Aquila, and Revenant; Samurai skin is DLC)

Dark Son skin mod and Bloody Blades weapons skin

Dark Son and Pixie Kat skin mods

Dark Knight and Pixie Kat skin mods

Dark Knight skin mod 


In the vanilla game, Dante has no facial hair,* no tatts, and his shirt is plain, dingy gray. He normally has blue eyes. I think the Son of Sparda skin actually has black hair, but I can't remember for sure. It could be white. My Dark Son skin mod is a combination of the Dark Dante skin (DLC,  I think) and the Son of Sparda skin, then applied to the SoS skin.

Kat normally has brown hair, a blue [I think] and gray hoodie, a couple of blue face tatts, no neck tatt, no glitter, no leggings, no pictures on her clothes, and [I think] blue eyes.

I like the look of the Samurai Weapons best, so I decided to play around with that skin. The weapons don't actually have any blood on them; I added the blood, an idea I got from another modder I found on DmC Mods. I decided to include Rebellion in the mod as well as Aquila, Ebony and Ivory, and Revenant.

The PC edition of this game can be found on Steam.

*Screenshots taken by LowliGigger (aka Jaimey Grant; aka Laura Miller; aka The HGG). Dante facial mod done by Jareda of; all other skin mods (Dark Son, Dark Knight, Bloody Blades, Pixie Kat) done by LowliGigger using Texmod and PaintShop Pro. DmC is © Capcom / Ninja Theory; these companies do not in any way endorse this fan / gaming / reviews blog.

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