Friday, September 23, 2016

—Game Review— Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I'm not really into mobile games; I've always pretty much considered them throwaway games. The kids go through them like hot dinners. I've only had one or two I played for any length of time. The following is probably one I'll like for a while. 

***Final Fantasy***
Record Keeper

Published by Square Enix | Developed by DeNA
Released 2014 (Japan)/2015 (US) | JRPG
For iOS, Android | Review: Android
*Rated E10 for Everyone 10+*
Alcohol Reference | Fantasy Violence

HGG rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 8/10

Something has happened to the records of all the FF stories. As a Record Keeper, it is your job to restore them. Mog is there to help.

First impressions? 
Cute. Old-school, 8-bit graphics galore.

Graphics and voices? 
8-bit style, which works well for this. There is no voice work, but the music is from previous FF games, so it really adds to the overall FF feel of the game. It's almost...soothing.

This is a mobile game, so the gameplay involves clicking buttons. Attack button seems to be the most often used, but there are magic attacks as well, just like all FF games.

Early dungeons are made up of three 3-part battles each. The final battle ends with the boss of the dungeon. Harder dungeons have more battles per level, sometimes less, but 3x3 seems to be the most common combination. Every once in a while, there is more than one boss per dungeon.

The bosses can be challenging, but the first thing I do with each of my characters is level 'em up with growth eggs so they stand a fighting chance in harder dungeons. Growth eggs get handed to you a lot in this game, so there always seems to be a steady supply on hand.

There are all kinds of item drops and drawings and "thanks for logging in" loot that you get in this game. And since it is a free-to-play game, there are optional in-game purchases too. 

Pretty simple, kinda cute. Fix the unraveling stories, restore the missing characters. Then they become playable characters. Cloud from FFVII is the first character you get—after a few of the core characters for Record Keeper itself, that is.

Well, the game itself is fine... it is what it is: simple, cute, easy to figure out.

As far as the app goes, some of the issues might be my ancient tablet. Honestly, I was surprised it would even play this. My tablet is an Acer Iconia Tab my hubby bought for me 4-5 years ago. That said, the game locks up during every battle. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Not sure that can be blamed entirely on my tablet...

I'm a winner!
Major hardware update:
Hubby bought me a new tablet, an RCA Viking Pro, and the game runs beautifully! It's purple. I think that helps. ;)

This does require a pretty good internet connection, so anyone who doesn't have that isn't gonna be able to play this. Mine has trouble in some rooms in my house and the app won't run there.

Major internet update:
We upgraded to a better connection, up to 30 Mbps instead of the 3 we had before. All my mobile games work much better now.

Cute game, fun for all ages. Be sure to grab this if you're a fan of old-school, 8-bit, RPG gaming. Or loot drops. If you love loot regardless of the game you happen to be playing, you need this game. 

My rating? 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 8/10 life hearts
This would be a great game for kids, especially ones who are interested in FF games but aren't sure where to start, or are too young yet to really enjoy traditional FF games. There is no blood in this, and so far nothing else to object to. I think it's a great little game for little ones.

Where to buy?
Until next time...

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