Thursday, August 4, 2016

On the Horizon (#14) - Horizon: Zero Dawn

In which I blather on about games and game related products that are not yet released, and how much I desire them for my very own...

***Horizon: Zero Dawn***

I've mentioned my brother, right? Well, I have three. My oldest brother is the gamer in the family. He tends to stay much more in touch with upcoming games and whatnot than I do. (When I saw the trailer for NieR: Automata, I thought of him. Steampunk-ish, robot killing, dystopian future world; all his kinds of things [he LOVES Fallout 4]. I showed him the trailer; he hadn't seen it. That surprised me.)

I digress.

So he shows me trailers from time to time, or points me in the general direction of them, and I check them out. Some of them make me drool. The following is a perfect example of a drool-worthy game: Horizon: Zero Dawn. ▼

I watched this and, based entirely on the visuals, my immediate thought was: "Someone took Heavenly Sword and crossed it with Enslaved." Weird thing to think, too, since those are both Ninja Theory games and this one, I believe, has nothing to do with them. Not that I think this is what really happened, of course. It was the first thing that came to mind, though, and it only made me want it more. 

This one's set to release February 2017. 

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