Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#9) - SPP Farming (FF Type-0 HD)

How about another video on how to farm for the special currency in a game?

Every game has currency of some sort and it seems they also have some sort of special currency as well. Final Fantasy games are no exception.

Simple grinding will get you the base currency, usually, but sometimes there are tricks to getting special currency faster than normal, even without cheats and mods. Today, let's explore the special currency in FF Type-0 HD.

***SPP Farming***
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

For this week's tip, I'll show you how to farm SPP in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. ▼

In the mission called The Reclamation of Eibon, I found this spot in the city of Toguagh where the baddies spawn continuously. It was an accident when I stumbled across it.

The first time, I ignored it, as I was determined to complete the mission with the highest score I could. I'd read somewhere that it's best to complete each mission the first time without accepting help from Academia, so I didn't even realize at the time just how valuable an infinite spawn point could be.

The next time, I accepted help and went to that corner to build up my kills and sight kills for a particular character. It only took me a minute to notice how high the SPP went at that time.

You can see in the rather lengthy video above that I just stand there, attacking as the three enemies spawn. The SPP grows for each of my "friends" and I also build up sight kills for [in this case] Machina.

When you reach the amount of SPP you need/want, or you get bored (as I did here), then simply leave and finish out the rest of the mission.

Notice the SPP is 1155?
You don't normally get this much from The Reclamation of Eibon mission.
Got any FF Type-0 tips of your own? Tell us in the comments below. ♥

The vid and screenshots here are from the PS4 edition. This game is also available for Xbox One and PC.

*All things Final Fantasy are © Square Enix, who does not in any way endorse this fan/gaming/reviews blog.

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