Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#8) - Leveling Up With Deathtrap (Borderlands 2)

Back to Borderlands 2! I did mention I have a crap-ton of tips/tricks for this game, didn't I? Today we'll talk about one I got from hubby and bro (again) and I'm not sure where they got it. It might be one they realized one day during one of their buttload of playthroughs. Who knows. 

**Leveling Up With Deathtrap**
Borderlands 2
••must have Mechromancer DLC••

So this trick only works if you have the Mechromancer DLC character. If you have The Handsome Collection, or the Game of the Year Edition, you have this DLC, so no worries. 

Gaige's action skill is Deathtrap, a truly awesome robot who kills lots of things. LOTS of things. Oh man.

He has a certain skill called Upshot Robot. This is essential for this leveling trick to work. It adds 5 seconds to Deathtrap's timer for every baddie killed by you or Deathtrap. ▼

Yeah, the video's a little long and I don't actually level up in it. I'm too over-leveled at this point, but I did want to illustrate how Deathtrap's timer stays fulls, thus allowing him to never leave, unless he's damaged enough. These rakks can't do enough damage to him, though, even if they do get close enough to attack.

While you can use this trick to level up Gaige, of course, if you have a secondary character (or a friend) whose level is quite low, bring 'em into the game at this point (after the Warrior is dead) and stick 'em in a safe corner. Heck, they don't even have to drop down into pit with you. They can stay up near the fast travel.

For ultimate leveling, leave the thing on all night. That's right. If you have a wired 360 controller, or a plugged in rechargeable one, just set it aside, turn off the TV and go to bed. If the controller turns off, it will pause the game.

So there you go. We mostly use this trick for leveling up secondary characters, since it does involve having to beat the game to even get to this point.

We use it to farm eridium too. The Warrior spews around 30 eridium every time he dies, so just kill him, collect your loot, then save and quit. Go kill him again, collect loot, save and quit. Do it however many times you need/want.

The pics and vid are from The Handsome Collection for PS4. Borderlands 2 is also available on Steam.

Got any Borderlands 2 tips? Tell us in the comments below. ♥

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