Saturday, August 13, 2016

Screenshot Saturday (#25) - Clash of Heroes

I've spent quite a bit of time playing Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. It's a fun puzzle game. I took a ton of screenshots, too. The first set I shared here was from the first portion of the single-player campaign. This set is from the next section. Enjoy! ♥

***Clash of Heroes***
Might & Magic

Time to start part 2 in the single-player campaign.

"Talonguard! Capital of the empire, jewel of the realm."

"I am Godric, Son of Lord Edric! I must speak with the Emperor!"

Time to fight.

The battlefield.

These shots are from the PC edition, which is available on Steam. Read my review of this game HERE.

*All screenshots taken by LowliGigger/The HGG/Laura Miller. © Ubisoft/Capybara Games; these companies do not in any way endorse this gaming/fan/reviews blog.

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