Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#10) - Projectile Shooting (Borderlands 2)

It's Tuesday again, so let's have another tip from Borderlands 2, shall we? ☺

***Projectile Shooting***
Borderlands 2

So there is this thing in Borderlands 2 called a Badass Rank. It gives your character boosts based on certain challenges you meet while playing the game. This rank is specific to your gamer tag / ID / profile, so all the boosts carry over to each and every character you happen to create. 

One of these challenges is called Hurly Burly, wherein you shoot bullymong-tossed projectiles out of the air. 

This is a challenge that can be a total pain the patooty unless you can find a spot where the projectiles can't hit you. Kind of a Glitch Rock, just like in certain boss fights. In this vid, I stand in just such a spot. I get hit a few times, mostly when I'm reloading, but it's not a big deal, and a simple step back fixes that.

The vid goes on longer than it really needs to, since I included the other section of bullymong destruction associated with this particular side mission. I was trying to find another glitch spot I'd found before. Instead, I almost die.

This is good practice for later, too, when Sir Hammerlock asks you to shoot bullymong projectiles as part of a side mission. He only asks you to shoot five, so really not a big deal. Or was it three? Anyway...

This vid was recorded using the Plays.TV app and the PC edition of the game. You can find the PC game on Steam.

Got any good Borderlands 2 tips? Let us know in the comments section below. ♥

*Screenshots and vidz were taken by LowliGigger (aka Laura Miller; aka Jaimey Grant; aka The HGG), but all © belong to 2K Games / Gearbox Software, who in no way endorse this fan / gaming / reviews blog.

Until next time...

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