Thursday, August 11, 2016

On the Horizon (#15) - Fable Fortune

In which I yak about games and game related products that are not yet released, and how much I desperately want them. 

***Fable Fortune***

I had no idea some of the devs from the now defunct Lionhead Studios got together and started their own indie company called Flaming Fowl Studios. No idea. I'm thrilled, for them and for us, the gamers who loved Fable

Check out this vid from YouTube where they talk about their upcoming free-to-play collectible card game, Fable Fortune. ▼

I haven't played very many card games, if any. There was that one in FFVIII, but I barely remember it now. I do recall spending hours at it, though. This one looks interesting and I am more than willing to try anything in the Fable world. Bring it on!

Not sure on the release date for this, but there is a sign up form for the closed beta. Check out Steam and the Flaming Fowl site for more info.

Until next time...

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