Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#6) - Killing the Golem (The Witcher)

Finally! A tip that's not related to Borderlands! LOL This one's for The Witcher. Enjoy the lightning goodness!

***Killing the Golem***
The Witcher

This tip is one I got from the strategy guide that came with my copy of The Witcher. I'm not sure who wrote it. Someone from CD Projekt, perhaps?

Watch the vid for a demonstration that almost results in Geralt's death. ▼

So, there's this golem you have to kill to advance the main storyline in Chapter II of The Witcher. It's tough, so the strategy guide suggests using the pylons to strike it with lightning. It takes three strikes to kill it. The guide mentions being careful not to stand between the pylons, 'cause then Geralt gets...well, killed.

I successfully do this in the vid, but it's not until later, when I watched it, that I realized I did exactly what the guide said not to; I stood between the pylons and Geralt got struck. Thankfully, I had him leveled up enough that he didn't die. Whew!

This game can be found at GOG and Steam. The disc version can be found on Amazon, but I don't recommend it unless you simply want the strategy guide in its physical form (and if you find it for $10 or less). The download edition comes with the digital version of the strategy guide.

*The Witcher is © Atari/CD Projekt RED. These companies do not in any way endorse this gaming/fan/reviews blog.

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