Monday, January 16, 2017

Movie Monday (#35) - Simple Traversal (DmC)

The blog series where I share a gaming vid. These are most often me, playing a game. Usually not well.  

***Simple Traversal***
Secret Mission
DmC Devil May Cry (Definitive Edition)

I've spent many, many hours playing DmC Devil May Cry. First on the 360 (over 600 hrs, believe it or not), then on PC, and then the Definitive Edition on PS4. For some reason, I just love this game. (And yes, I've reviewed it. You can find that HERE.)

Anyway, I've embedded a video below, from the Definitive Edition. It's one of the Secret Missions that the game features. This particular one is part of the platforming involved in this game. Enjoy! ▼

*All things DmC belong to Capcom/Ninja Theory. These companies do not in any way endorse this blog.

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