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—DLC Review— Moogle Chocobo Carnival (FFXV)

When I pre-ordered FFXV, I eventually went and bought the Season Pass. I knew I wanted it, but finances forced me to wait a bit. Not a big deal, since the first DLC wasn't planned for a month or two anyway.

That said, the first of the playable DLCs has been released, and though it's not much as far as "playable" goes, it's still something to do if you've already beaten the game.

**Moogle Chocobo Carnival**
Final Fantasy XV DLC

Published/developed by Square Enix
Released 2017 | Action, Role-playing
For PS4, Xbox One | Review: PS4
*Rated T for Teen*
Language | Partial Nudity
Violence | Mild Blood
(Rating is based on the full game.)

HGG Score: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 5/10

You are Prince Noctis and you are whisked away to a carnival to have some fun with your little buddy Carbuncle. Balloons, prizes, and chasing baby chocobos galore!

First impressions? 
Cute. Oh so very, very cute. I mean, damn, cuteness overload.

Graphics and voices? 
Same as the base game, great graphics and voices, although the NPCs sound like they're voiced by one man and one woman, but that's not so unusual.

There is no fighting in this, not really, anyway. You can fish, do a few side quests that involve taking pictures, play mini-games (Whack-a-Cactuar is basically fighting), chase down baby chocobos, and decorate for the carnival. None of these are difficult. The baby chocobos are annoying, especially in round two when they run faster than Noct. All of these activities earn you the choco-mog medallions you need.

The thing I highly recommend, if you're like me and are having trouble landing the two fish in the game that are hardest to catch, go to the Square Enix Cafe and order the Kupoberry Cheescake. It gives you a boost in fishing line defense and when you first eat it, Noct imitates Ignis and says, "I've come up with a new recipe," and it gets added to the list of dishes. The other recipe gets added too, which might be of benefit if you are into chocobo racing. 

The BEST PART of this DLC is the fact that Prompto is no longer the only one taking pictures!! Noct has that ability now with the release of this DLC. And yes, it carries over to the main game. 

Noct has been whisked away to a limited-time carnival. That's it. You need to earn enough carnival tokens to buy a suite in the hotel, which also gets you VIP seating for the fireworks display. It's all very pretty and cute, but there really isn't a story. 

Um, where do I start? There's no challenge. It's a bit ridiculous. And the top prizes for fishing kinda suck. I managed to get the damn fishing pole and I thought, "Sweet! This is gonna be awesome!" Yeah, the rod I was using was already so much better. It was a definite letdown. I managed to get one of the special edition lures too, then I got bored and gave up.

The prize counter has almost nothing worth buying. In fact, more than half the items are ones you can buy almost anywhere in the main game for gil. The megalixer was the only item I thought worth it; I bought three by the time I got bored with the carnival.

Noct gets to take pictures now, but you still only get to have 150 at the most. Seriously!? I suppose that means Noct and Prompto are technically sharing a camera, thus have to share the storage space as well. Annoys the frell outta me, though.

Cute. If you need a break from the semi-seriousness of the main game, go for it. It is a limited time thing, though (ends Feb 19 according to PlayStation), so take advantage while you can. There is a free version of the carnival, but I'm not sure exactly what it entails. I have the full version that came with the Season Pass.

HGG score? 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 5/10 life hearts.
Not great, but a cute, relaxing, angst-free way to spend a couple of hours with Noct and Carbuncle.  

Where to buy?
This DLC is part of a free Holiday Pack. There's also a paid-for pack that has a few extra items. Both are available in the following stores; or just grab the Season Pass and then download from the place of your choice.
*All things FF belong to Square Enix, who in no way endorses this blog.

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