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Tips N Tricks Tuesday (#17) - Farming AP/EXP (FFXV)

The series in which I share a gaming tip or trick....like the title says...

***Farming AP and EXP***
Final Fantasy XV

This may not be anything new to anyone playing this game, but I stumbled across a couple of things I thought might be helpful, as far as leveling up and strengthening your characters goes in FFXV. Check it out. ▼

Anyone playing FFXV probably realized fairly quickly that AP is what helps you level your characters up. It's the special techniques and extra AP-earning/EXP-earning shiny dots you wanna fill in on the ascension grid. That said, first things first, fill in all the "earn 1 AP for [activity]" that you can, as soon as you can.

Now that you've done that, let's get to earning some serious AP/EXP with this little trick I stumbled upon. Let's head to the area behind Hammerhead.

There are a few things you'll need before we get started:
  • Beast Whistle - this can be obtained around chapter 4
  • Warrior's Fanfare accessory - part of the free holiday DLC offered by Squeenix
  • Blitzer's Fanfare accessory - part of the paid holiday DLC; not essential, but if you've got the season pass, you get this DLC
  • Rare Coins, Debased Coins, Debased Banknotes, Debased Silverpieces, and any other money that's not Gil that you've collected in the first 4 chapters of the game - these are needed to make the Expericast spell
  • Moogle Charms - not required, but definitely helpful as experience boosters. These are usually found in dungeons, or as drops from certain high-level bosses. And I think there's only 4 in the whole game. I think. Don't quote me on that.
  • Lasagna al Forna, Royal Banquet Canape, Stacked Ham Sandwich, Papa Bird and Baby Bowl, Mama and Baby Rice Bowl, Multi Meat Sandwich, etc. - Each of these boost EXP earned by 20-100%. In my video (below), they ate Lasagna al Forna, giving them double the experience they'd normally earn. The lasagna is a recipe you receive for reaching cooking level 9. The ingredients are a little harder to come by, however. There's a ham sandwich you can buy at Wiz Chocobo Post that will give you a 50% boost (it also gives you the Stacked Ham Sandwich recipe). In chapter 1 I got the Multi Meat Sandwich. I think it was one of those checkpoint posters, maybe the one at Galdin Quay. Anyway, it gives 20% and I had all the ingredients for it just from the exploring I'd done up to that point.

Behind Hammerhead is key because there are weak enemies there who can be summoned with the beast whistle (you can get this some time around chapter 4, I think). Super nice for racking up AP in a pinch. And while you're at it, rake in the EXP at the same time.

You wanna slam 'em with a magic spell, Expericast, to be precise. When it's reloading, summon more enemies and warp-strike 'em to get some bonus AP. Summon again and set off the spell. Warp-strike any that get missed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I didn't know how to make expericast. Heck, I didn't even understand the magic-making in the first place...as in, I beat the game without ever knowing how strong and awesome I could make the spells.

So I went searching the internet for help in the magic department. A little bird—or two, or three—told me I'd need the coins I'd collected while running around. Rare coins are best, but debased banknotes, coins, silverpieces, etc. will work too. There are a few beast drops that will work, but which ones escape me at the moment, and they weren't as great as the money anyway.

Hopefully, you've saved most of these items. If not, you'll need to wander around some more. I'd been selling off almost everything except 10 of each item. I stopped selling the coins when I realized I'd need them. It still took me a second partial playthrough before I finally discovered how to make the stupid spells.

I demonstrate in the video above how to make expericast. I actually wanted a lower damage spell than the one I had equipped, which is why I ended up with the demonstration in the video. Doesn't take much to kill sabertusks.

I think that's it. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask below. I'll answer as best I can. If you have anything to add to this tip, go ahead and share that too. Lastly, if you have some FFXV tips that get you through, let us all know, please! lol

*All things FF belong to Square Enix who in no way endorses this blog.

Until next time...

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