Monday, November 28, 2016

Movie Monday (#32) - FFXV Episode Duscae (Triple Play)

The series in which I share a gaming vid or two that may or may not be me...

***FFXV Episode Duscae***
Triple Play

Tomorrow is the official release day for Final Fantasy XV. With that in mind, I've been playing Episode Duscae, trying to satisfy my desire for this latest release in the FF franchise. I've discovered a couple of things in the fighting that I hadn't noticed before... ▼

It wasn't until this moment that it dawned on me that there's a different counter move with each type of enemy. So I went exploring, trying to see all of them. ▼

This particular move really tickled my fancy. I feel no qualms about destroying these creatures, since they are mindless, soulless soldiers.

And then there are the giant buffalo-like things that roam this demo. They don't attack, but I attack them. They's good eatin'!

There's one (or three) other creatures upon which I haven't managed to see this move yet, but I will. Or I'll get the full game (supposed to arrive tomorrow!!!!!!!) and I'll play that instead.

*All things Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix, who does not in any way endorse this gaming / fan / reviews blog.

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