Friday, November 25, 2016

Gaming Misadventures (#3) - NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

The series in which I share something interesting, upsetting, or just plain weird that's happened in my gaming world...

Gaming Misadventures

Let me set the stage. I'm comfortable in my chair, getting ready to take on the end boss in Lightning Returns (FFXIII). Everything's set, I'm recording ('cause I just know it's gonna be epic), and everything's as it should be.

Let's do this!!

I get all the way through the boss fight and I'm enjoying the billion and one cutscenes that come after. I'm still recording 'cause why not, right? I want to capture the entire end of this game. 

I glance at the little recording icon in the corner of the screen. Wow. 30 minutes? That's one of my longest videos. I go back to watching the cutscene. 

And blink.

What. Just. Happened??

Unfortunately, the TV (and all the power in the house) blink too. Just like that, the last 36 minutes disappear as if they never happened.

I am desolate.

There is no happy ending. I restart everything, hoping, desperately hoping that the game did some kind of auto-save after I defeated the boss.


Alas, it is not to be. The save starts right before the boss. And the video borked so I don't even get to have that as a happy reminder of slaughtering the end boss.

I rage quit, shutting off the computer without using the proper methods, part of me actually hoping it borks the whole damn setup. 

Have I ever mentioned I have a tendency to overreact?

Until next time...

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