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The Facts About FFXV's New Game+

The series where I share a tidbit or two that you may or may not have already known...

"Did You Know...?" (#2)
Square Enix Introduces
New Game+ Mode for FFXV

Square Enix recently released the first of a series of updates for Final Fantasy XV. One is a new playthrough mode called New Game+. 

Anyone familiar with FF games or RPGs in general is familiar with this mode. For everyone else, it's basically a mode where you can play through the game again, keeping certain levels or items from your previous playthrough. It's cool that Squeenix decided to release this mode as a free update. 

The thing is, as with everything new, there is a lot of misinformation out there pertaining to this new mode. I've started my New Game+ playthrough and here are a few of the first things I've noticed. ▼

  • The enemies do not change. They are the same level as before. So coming into this at level 74 as I did makes it a cakewalk. 
  • You keep your level. And your AP, gil, weapons, items, and all that special crap. You get to keep your kingly raiment/Kingsglaive outfits too.
  • You keep your Ultima Blade and receive a new Engine Blade to upgrade. I'm not sure if my character having it equipped is why I got to keep it, but others are claiming the Ultima Blade reverts to its original Engine Blade state. I—and a few others—have experienced otherwise.
  • When asked which save to use, it DOES NOT OVERWRITE that save, unless you choose to during a manual save. All it does is take the character info from that save to start off your new game. It does overwrite the autosaves, so if you have been relying on that, you will lose your finished playthrough. (See video below. New game+ is saved in a bluish green font, while the completed game is still white with the sketch in the background. It's a longish video with loading screens, so go ahead and click that little fast forward button to see what I'm talking about.)
  • You can rent chocobos right off the bat. I didn't realize this, so didn't try until I reached the Longwythe Rest Area (second outpost in the game, if you recall), long before the Behemoth quest that opens up chocobo rentals for you in the first playthrough. 
  • The treasure spots indicated on the map contain some better items. One of the first treasure spots I looted gave me the Iron Duke greatsword that boasts a whopping 581 damage. (You can get this sword after beating the game, too. There is a man in Lestallum named Randolph who asks you to kill a Bennu. In exchange, he gives you the Iron Duke.) Here's a video showing the sword and where I found it, though I'm not sure if it's there every time, or if it's there for everyone. Edited 12/26 to add: I went back to my completed playthrough and found the sword in the same spot. It might be for completed/new game+ only, or perhaps it was always there. I plan to start a vanilla game to see if it's there too.
  • You keep any of the Armiger weapons you already collected. I had all of them, so I have them in this too. That surprised me.
  • Any and all magic flasks remain in your possession. And quests that give you magic flasks give you another. 
  • All music and Regalia upgrades/skins you collected carry over into your new game. Other than the airship. I even have the MP3 player still, so I can run around listening to the Kingsglaive soundtrack, 'cause that's my favorite.
  • All recipes, fish, and photos are copied to the new game as well. (I recommend getting all the recipes BEFORE starting your new game+. Then you're not stuck trying to find them all twice like me. Stupid, stupid me. I might start another new game+ just because.)
  • They take away the Ring of the Lucii. That bummed me out a bit, but I can deal with it. Edited 4/1/2017: Squeenix issued an update with the Episode Gladiolus DLC that makes the Ring of the Lucii a more effective weapon. (That makes sense, 'cause it's supposed to be stupid powerful.) They also allowed it to carry over into a New Game+.
  • They take away the airship. Not too broken up about that, to be honest. I crash the thing. A lot.
  • Your hunter rank resets. I suppose this makes sense. I guess.
That's all I've got for now. If I happen upon some more differences, I'll update this post...or post again. You never know with me.

Have you started your new game+? Tell us what you've noticed or lost in the comments below. ♥

*As always, all things FF belong to Square Enix, who in no way endorses this blog.

Until next time...

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