Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 — My Gaming Year In Review

Gaming was more of an obsession for me this year than ever before.
  • I collected more games this year than in the previous decade (or so it seems). NOTE: I looked. Um... yeah, close to it. 30+ games were added to my library just this year. Actually, that's just based on the games I shared here on this blog. There's another batch I haven't gotten around to posting yet. Damn Steam and their sales. Grumble, grumble. That doesn't include the games hubby added to his collection, or the kids' collection.
  • Hubby got my gaming PC set up last year and early this year upgraded it enough to smoothly play at least fairly recent games. 
  • I gave Dante angel wings...
  • With the help of, I learned how to use Texmod to modify the skins in DmC Devil May Cry. Holy crap. Fun. I've done a bunch of character skin mods for this game and I just love that. I haven't publicly shared any yet, but one day I will. Here's an example of one of my mods. →
  • I got a PlayStation 4 (gift from hubby). 
  • We got to be part of the Battleborn closed technical test—cool game!—hubby on his Xbox One and me on my PS4. The point was to see how much stress the servers could take. There was a day where neither hubby nor I could log in for an hour or so. I think the servers were properly stressed. lol
  • I joined and Steam so I could add to my PC games collection. 
  • I played some great games and tried out some not-so-great ones. 
  • I even managed to [finally] post an actual game review on my blog. It's probably not a great review (I'm new game reviewing so I still have a lot to learn), other than it's for a game I love.  
  • Thanx to my oldest brother (also a gamer), I discovered Sword Art Online. Holy freakin' crap. OMG. Wow. I normally don't like anime, but when the writing is good I don't really care about the graphics style, and this show has some really good writing behind it. I will be getting every related game available for PS4. And streaming the show is just not enough. I will be getting all the DVDs too. Again. Wow.

And now, a list. Gaming blogs are known for lists, right? 

The Heartless Gamer Girl's
***Top 5 Games of 2015***

What kind of gaming blog would this be if I didn't share my top games of 2015? That's right. A crappy gaming blog. So here's my list of games.

These are MY top five, as in games I played this year that I liked. Release year has nothing to do with it. My all-time top games list has nothing to do with it. The opinions of other gaming sites play no part either. A few may be old favorites I replayed.

Class Zero from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
©Square Enix*
  1. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - I don't care what anyone says. I LOVE the story in this game. I love the grittiness, the darkness, the bloodiness (okay, not really), and the sob fest that comes with it. I love the replayableness of it too. (Not a word, but it should be.) The graphics suck, but the story more than makes up for that. - rated m for mature 17+
  2. Tales of Vesperia - I didn't think I'd like this 'cause of the anime style graphics, but I could overlook that. The story is great, and the gameplay is interesting. An all around engaging and fun game. The humor was unexpected and I loved it. Now I want to give all the "Tales of" games a try. - rated t for teen
  3. Gears of War: Judgment - I wasn't even gonna try this game (it was a free Xbox Live Gold download), but I'm glad I did. It was funnier than I expected. I played through it more than once and then went and got the two in this series I was missing. - rated m for mature 17+
  4. DmC Devil May Cry - I rediscovered this gem. Okay, I never really lost it. But I began playing with PC mods and this was the game I started with. After playing with other people's mods, I started making my own. Just textures so far, but it's a start. - rated m for mature 17+
  5. Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae DEMO - Yes, I got my hands on this—when I bought FF Type-0—and immediately downloaded it. Unlike most gamers, though, I played Type-0 first. ;) However, I did get around to playing this eventually and it is good. Especially for a demo. I was already looking forward to this game. Now I can hardly wait. - no rating on the demo
The heroes of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae DEMO
©Square Enix*

Until next time...

*Screenshots used in this post were taken by me, but the game publishers own the copyrights. Square Enix and Capcom do not endorse this gaming/fan site in any way. 

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