Saturday, December 19, 2015

—Game Review— Resonance of Fate

I admit, I wasn't initially interested in this game. The gun thing turned me off. Hubby didn't know that, however, so he bought it for me at the local used game store after the employee there recommended the game based on my joy of JRPGs.

...and that employee was spot on. 

***Resonance of Fate***

Published by Sega
Developed by tri-Ace 
Released 2010
Role Playing
*Rated T for Teen*
Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol
Mild Language

You are Vashyron, Zypher, and Leanne, guns for hire. You do the jobs no one else wants. Some of these jobs are simple, some involve things that add up to a greater problem.

First impressions? 
Dear God, I love the opening scene. Not entirely sure why. I watch it over and over, and I rather like the music that plays during it. Here's a video of it I found on youtube. (Props to the lovely person who posted it!)

I found the dialogue to be a bit...corny. Not too terribly so, but enough to make me chuckle. Added some levity that was probably needed considering the whole "dying" aspect of the storyline.

Graphics and voices? 
Great. Very reminiscent of older JRPGs. The voice acting is pretty good, the writing is slightly corny and I think the actors did a good job with what they were given. 

Very, very interesting turn-based style. The battle mechanics take some getting used to, and the dungeons have no save points within them. It's pretty much fight your way through, fight your way back, and hope you don't die somewhere in between.

Leveling up is a bit different too. You level up your guns and bombs, rather than each character him- or herself. So to evenly level up your characters, you need to shuffle their equipment from time to time.

Rather odd, to be honest, but interesting. And there were things left unexplained. Maybe the developers/publisher planned a sequel at one time? It occurs to me that some of these might be answered at the end of the hardest dungeon, Neverland. I haven't made it all the way through that optional dungeon yet. It's freaking hard! I mean, damn.

No save points within the dungeons. Not really much of a problem when on the easiest gameplay setting, but I imagine this becomes quite a concern when getting into the 10th+ hardest gameplay. (I read somewhere there're 14 levels of difficulty in this game. Haven't tested that myself yet.) 

One of my favorite games. Top twelve and all that. It's really great fun and different enough to hold my interest for more than one playthrough. 

My rating? 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 9/10 life hearts, easy. If there were a few less loose threads in the storyline, this would be a solid 10. Yes, it's that good... if you like JRPGs and guns. 

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