Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Loot! #45 - "Yet More RPGs...and then some" Edition

The blog series in which I let you know the latest gaming stuff I've acquired. 

***New Loot!***
"Yet More RPGs...and then some" Edition

Two Worlds (PC)—
Honestly, I think the only reason I bought this was the $1 sale price on GOG. And they gave me another game free just for spending the money. That was a bonus.

Rebel Galaxy (PC)—
This one was free when I bought Two Worlds. That's why I have it now.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4)—
So, yeah, I have the other Star Ocean games, and even though I've never finished one of them, I still bought this. I've started playing it and so far, it's cute.

Bayonetta Bloody Fate (Blu-ray)—
I played the first game and thought it was funny, if a little too much aimed at male players. Figured I oughtta at least give the movie a view, just to see. It's ok.

Fairy Fencer F (PC)—
It was on sale and seemed right up my alley. Only a few hours of gameplay in and I'm totally NOT regretting the purchase. Oh, the toilet humor....

Mount & Blade (PC)—
Another game with a description that appealed to me and a low enough price tag that I decided to take a chance. We'll see. I also grabbed Warband, With Fire and Sword, and some DLC while I was at it.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing I, II, & III; Final Cut (PC)—
I have a weird interest in Van Helsing, though this game actually appealed to me because it reminds me of Victor Vran. Not sure which game came first, but I've played VV, so...

RPG Maker VX Ace (PC)—
...and VX, XP, MV, 2000, and 2003, plus a crap-ton of DLC. Yeah, it was a package deal, and yeah, not a game. Really cute, though, and I figured I'd put my writing "talent" to good use.

Antagonist, Echoes of Aetheria, Last Word, Pale Echoes, Remnants of Isolation, and Skyborn (PC)—
These all came with the RPG Maker deal, and they were all made using that software, or so I'm given to understand.

Oddworld: New N Tasty (PC)—
A remake (not remaster) of the original Abe's Odyssee. I remember enjoying the original (yeah, I'm super old), so yeah, I grabbed this when the price was something I could handle.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Collector's Edition (PS4)—
Squeenix sent me an email saying this CE was on sale... $80 off the retail. Still a pricey collection, but I didn't have the re-release yet and I've been eyeballing this collection for a long time. I've played enough of it to realize how much more I like the XII moogles as opposed to the 'white ball of fluff' moogles they use now. And Balthier has replaced Cloud as my FF crush...but I have a feeling that will change again when the FFVII REMAKE comes out.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector's Edition (PS4)—
I have a thing for collector's editions. It doesn't even have to be for a game I'd play. If they come with a figure, all the better. This one does.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Gold Edition
Not a game this time, at least, this set doesn't actually come with a copy anyway. But that's OK; I already have this game for PC. This little set has an artbook, a map, and a funny little big-headed Lara Croft figure. I just can't say no to neat figures from video games...especially when they're on sale.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (PC)—
I've wanted this for years. I followed the development like the very best of gaming stalkers. I considered buying it right off the bat, but I couldn't handle $30 at the time. I saw it was available on GOG and knew I'd buy it from them. (I do like the idea that I can play a game without internet and I can transfer it to a non-internet PC without people thinking I'm doing something nefarious with it.) The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale put it just within my price range.

Might & Magic 1-6 (PC)—
I'm not sure how I'll like these, but they were on sale on GOG for a whopping $2.49 for all six games. Hard to turn that down...

Gotten anything new lately? Tell us about it in the comments! ♥

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