Monday, December 11, 2017

Movie Monday #45 - More Funny Moments in FFXV

The blog series in which I share a gaming vid, or gaming related vid of some sort. Today's selection is another of my funny compilations, specifically FFXV. Enjoy!

***More Funny Moments in FFXV***

I compiled enough clips to make another 10 minute video and I'm pretty sure I have enough for yet another. It's amazing how many glitches have happened to me while playing this game.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE FFXV. It's one of my favorite games. But I get quite a bit of amusement out of these little glitches and goofs, and I hope you do too. ♥

Give it a view, and if you like it, please take a moment to click on over to YouTube and give it a like there too. ▼

*Video clips recorded using the PS4 system; tweaked using Windows Movie Maker. All things FF belong to Square Enix; none of these entities endorse this fan blog.

Until next time...

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