Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tips n Tricks Tuesday (#15) - Old Slappy Must Die! (Borderlands 2)

The series in which I share a gaming tip or trick. These are most often Borderlands 2...

***Old Slappy Must Die!***
Borderlands 2

In yet another edition of 'hide in that corner so the baddie can't get you,' I bring you the mini boss Old Slappy in Borderlands 2.

In Sanctuary, Sir Hammerlock gives you a side quest called Slap-Happy that involves killing the thresher who took his arm. Below, you can witness me killing him without getting hit.

...except for that one time. ▼

There is a pipe right along the wall down where Old Slappy spawns. I didn't know Slappy couldn't hit me there. I fell into it and realized the thresher wasn't actually hitting me. It was great. So I stood there, shooting it until I realized I hadn't brought Deathtrap out yet. Once I did that, I had to move and that's when Slappy managed to hit me. Sometimes I think Deathtrap is more annoyance than actual help. Ah well.

If you're wondering, I'm playing this co-op. Rollyrunner is my hubby. It's the only game we actually have in common. We are very different gamers.

Got any Borderlands 2 tips you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below! ♥

*This vid is from the PC edition, which can be found on Steam, and was recorded using the Plays.TV app. Borderlands 2 belongs to 2K Games / Gearbox Software. These companies do not in any way endorse this gaming / fan / reviews blog.

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