Monday, October 10, 2016

Movie Monday (#30) - Death to All Goblots! (FFXIII LR)

The blog series in which I share a gaming video. These may or may not be smooth sailing...

***Death to All Goblots!***
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns is set up so when you've killed enough of a particular baddie, the "Last One" appears, glowing all weirdly purpley pink and supposedly holding within it all the power of the previous ones of its kind. They're all Highlanders, apparently, and "there can be only one." So when the last one appears, just cut off its head. Heh.

Lame jokes aside, I've killed off a few of these and below I've linked a vid of me killing yet another one. This time it's a Goblot. Enjoy the poison-y goodness! ▼

This vid is from the PC edition (which can be found on Steam), and was recorded using the Plays.TV app.

*Final Fantasy is owned by Square Enix, who does not in any way endorse this gaming / fan / reviews blog.

Until next time...

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