Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday (#2) - How Old = Retro?

My newest blog series, in which I go on and on and on about old games, old consoles, and other old things...

***How Old = Retro?***
Throwback Thursday

Have you ever wondered, how old does something have to be to be considered retro?

By definition, retro is anything that involves, imitates, or relates to something from the recent past.

I think we can all agree that arcade games, Atari, and NES are definitely retro: classic 8-bit graphics, tinny music, and main storylines short enough to play in one sitting.

But a phrase like 'recent past' is highly subjective. Everyone's opinion on what constitutes 'recent' could be very different. Technically, yesterday is the recent past.

With that in mind, could we now consider the Xbox 360 / PS3 to be retro with the advent of Xbox One / PS4? Those earlier consoles first came out in 2005 / 2006 respectively. That's 10-11 years old.

Huh. My youngest child is ten.

The original Xbox was released in 2001, and honestly, it feels a bit retro to me. But from a personal standpoint, I consider the original PlayStation (released in 1994) and anything older as retro. To me, playing FFVII-IX, Tomb Raider I or II, Gran Turismo I or II, the Dino Crisis games, or Sled Storm is retro gaming.

And this doesn't even get into PC gaming. Many old games have been ported to PC. But what about old PC games? I have no experience with them at all, my PC gaming only dating back a year or two. I would love some input on retro PC gaming in particular. ☺

What do you think? How old do you think a console / game needs to be before you consider it retro? Let us know in the comments section below. ♥

Until next time...

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