Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GOG Sale - Witcher & Torchlight

Fans of DRM-free PC games might be interested in the sale over on GOG right now.

All the Witcher games are on sale (and GOG is owned by CD Projekt, developer of the Witcher games, so buying the Witcher games from them is kind of a DUH, lol). The first Witcher game is only $1.49 right now, and Witcher 2 is only $2.99. If you've been wanting to try a Witcher game, now's the time. There are some great mods out there for these games, too. I will say, though, these games definitely deserve their M (Mature 17+) ratings.

The Torchlight games are also on sale. Torchlight is a fun action rpg that I've played on Xbox 360, rated T. Gotta say, I'm seriously tempted to grab the PC edition. In fact, I can't think of a single reason why I shouldn't. It's only $3.74. For DRM-free. It's really hard to beat that price and have the ability to play with mods, if modding is your thing. Torchlight II is also on sale for half off, making it only $9.99.

I don't know how long the sale prices will last, though the site indicates the Witcher series will be on sale for another 7 days or so. There are other games on sale too, so click on over and check it all out!

*Witcher screenshot was taken by me, but all things Witcher and GOG are © CD Projekt. This company does not in any way endorse this fan blog.

Until next time...

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