Saturday, April 9, 2016

Screenshot Saturday (#7) - Lightning Returns (FFXIII)

It's Saturday! You know what that means...

***Lightning Returns***
Final Fantasy XIII

Snow and Lightning in the opening video
image ©Square Enix*

Lightning dressed as Cloud Strife from FFVII
image ©Square Enix*

Lightning kicking the crap outta...well, an opponent...
Some of you may recognize him. ;)
image ©Square Enix*
By now you've realized what a diehard Final Fantasy fan I am. I have all the FF games for some platform or other, some of them on more than one. I eventually want them all for PC, then I have screenshot/video capabilities.

There aren't a lot of mods for this one yet, not that I've found, anyway. So far, nothing that effects the gameplay.

*Square Enix does not in any way endorse this fan blog.

Until next time... 

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