Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Loot! (#24)

More loot. It's been a great week in this particular gaming household. :D Tomorrow's post will detail why it's been such a great week...

LEGO The Hobbit Bundle

Produced by Sony Entertainment
Released 2014 

Yeah, that's right. We got a PS3. I said we would and hubby surprised me. Now my copy of Heavenly Sword isn't so lonely. ;)

It's got a 500 GB hard drive and I know that's gonna come in handy. (My Xbox 360 has a 250 GB drive and it's only 25 GB away from full—yeah, I'm a game hoarder.)

***LEGO: The Hobbit***

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developed by Traveller's Tales
Released 2014 
*Rated E10 for Everyone 10+*

This came with my used PS3, and I was thrilled to discover it was a disc. I was afraid it would be a download code. It's a chance you take with used games and systems. :)

This game happens to be available for just about every system under the sun. I won't list them all here, but clicking either image above will take you to Amazon, where you'll see all the formats. 

***Gran Turismo 5***
XL Edition

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment 
Developed by Polyphony Digital 
Released 2010 
*Rated E for Everyone*

Back when we had a PlayStation (about 16 years ago now), we had the first two Gran Turismo games. We loved them. Even I played them and I don't care for racing games. I will probably give GT5 a try, but this really is hubby's new game.

***Gran Turismo 6***

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by Polyphony Digital
Released 2013 
*Rated E for Everyone*

Can't buy 5 and not 6, right? So, of course, hubby bought 6 too. Once he receives GT3: A-Spec, he'll have them all.

He's a game hoarder too. 

Until next time... 

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