Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Loot! (#3)

I guess I lied when I said I rarely get new games. [shrug] Here's my latest score.

***Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition***

I've heard good (and bad) things about the Witcher series, but the bottom line: It's supposed to be one of the better storylines in gaming. That sold me. I'll try to overlook anything I find objectionable, and hopefully there isn't so much that I have a hard time enjoying the story and gameplay. We'll see.

Another selling point for me is that this game includes the complete soundtrack. I'm really getting into collecting game soundtracks lately and I hope this is one I like.

***Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack***

Speaking of OSTs, the other thing in this box of loot is the complete soundtrack for Devil May Cry 4. Yes, I said I would get it and I was done waiting (worst week of my life! lol). It set me back $20 but for 100+ songs on three discs, I'd say that's fair. I've liked the music since my first playthrough, so it makes sense to add this to my collection.

I shouldn't be adding any new loot for a while. I mean, I have bills to pay and two children to feed. My royalties don't allow for most of my money to be spent on my gaming habit. I wish. lol ;)

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