Thursday, September 11, 2014

A few blog changes...

I haven't had this blog long and I already see where I can make improvements. Not unusual, actually, even when I don't have a readership yet. 

Main thing I'm looking at now, my blog is weighted far too much in Amazon's direction.  Not really surprising when I'm an affiliate there. However, I would like this blog to be of benefit to everyone, regardless of which online store they frequent.

I'm also very much Xbox happy. Also not surprising, considering I play most games on Xbox 360. However, I'd like PlayStation and PC users to find some benefit from this blog as well. And while, at this point, I have little to no experience with PS or PC versions of games, I can at least link to places that have some of that info.

To that end, each review and all future posts will include a variety of purchase links when possible (Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, Best Buy, Xbox Live Marketplace, and PlayStation Store), as well as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions. I'll try to keep it succinct to avoid deluging you lovely readers with nothing but link after link after link. I know how annoying that can be. ;)

Until next time...

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